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VIDEO: Unseen footage shows Takehiro Tomiyasu riling up Richarlison on the touchline



There were plenty of flashpoints and heated moments between Arsenal and Spurs players on Sunday, but there was one clash from the North London derby that you more than likely missed – mainly because it happened off the pitch.

A brief exchange between Takehiro Tomiyasu and Richarlison went viral on Twitter after it showed the two substitutions – who were warming up at the time – jostling as a thrown-in was taken.

The context of the clip revolves around Arsenal’s Thomas Partey’s attempt to waste a bit of time in the second half with his side 2-0 up away from home.

Seemingly frustrated over the amount of time it was taking the Ghanaian midfielder to take the throw, Richarlison grew more and more exasperated.


As the clip below shows, this sees the Brazilian throw his arms in the air theatrically, before attempting to intervene directly. Watch it for yourself.

However, before Richarlison has the chance to approach Partey, along comes Arsenal sub Tomiyasu to aid his teammate’s effort to wind the clock down a bit.

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The Japanese international can be see guarding the area Partey will take the throw-in from, holding back Richarlison as he does so.

Its a shrewd bit of s***housery, the likes of which his Brazilian rival would probably admire had it not been against him.


Needless to say, there wasn’t much sympathy offered from Arsenal fans when a clip of the incident was posted by @nocontextfooty on Twitter.

In response to the short video, one supporter wrote: “Context: Tomiyasu owns Richarlison.”

Another user added: “Tomi got the Brazilian Heskey rattled before he’s even on the pitch”.

A third person replied: “Bro thinks he’s relevant, he’s not even the best Brazilian at Spurs.”


It wasn’t a great day overall for Richarlison, who was involved in a second flashpoint at the end of the game.

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After the referee blew his whistle to end the match, Arsenal stopper Aaron Ramsdale turned to face the Spurs fans and kiss his club’s badge right in front of them.


His taunting drew the ire of the 25-year-old Spurs forward, who angrily confronted Ramsdale in the Arsenal penalty area.


The pair were subsequently separated, although that wasn’t to be the end of the drama, as seconds later the England international was shockingly kicked in the back by a Spurs fan.

While Ramsdale very much took it in his stride, in the aftermath of the incident he called for some perspective from both fanbases, stating: “Its just a game of football at the end of the day”.

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It was a game Richarlison will want to forget in a hurry, that’s for sure.



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