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Police investigating racist abuse of Arsenal star Bukayo Saka



The Metropolitan Police are investigating a racist tweet about Bukayo Saka that was posted after Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with West Ham on Sunday.

The offensive message was put online shortly after the game and showed a racist image of Saka.

Under the post, another Twitter user tagged the Metropolitan Police and said the message was a hate crime.

“This has already been reported and is currently being investigated,” the police force replied on Tuesday. The account of the person who posted the message was not publicly viewable as of Tuesday.


The attacking player missed a penalty at the weekend when the score was 2-1 early in the second half. West Ham equalised minutes later to leave Arsenal with a four-point lead over Manchester City, having started the weekend with an advantage of six.

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It is not the first time Saka has suffered racist abuse on social media, after also suffering from a slew of offensive messages after missing a penalty at the European Championship final in 2021.

Saka was abused along with fellow Black players Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho, who also didn’t score their spot kicks.

The Football Association (FA) said at the time that it was “appalled by the online racism” directed at the players on social media.


Arsenal legend Ian Wright has on Tuesday thrown his support behind Saka, writing in The Athletic: “He will always be our starboy no matter what. He has my unequivocal support and I would expect everyone around Arsenal to do the same. Vocal support matters. I want him to know we will always rally around him.

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“Then you see the racism. As a black player that is always there. It’s not enough to miss the penalty and take the disappointment that comes with that, because as a black player you must also take racist abuse?

“We will keep lifting him up above the hate. Watch our fans on Friday night. He’s going to feel the love. I can tell you that.

“Despite what he has been through he has continued to take responsibility. He can do so again. He has greatness. Just go again, Bukayo.”



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