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Mikel Arteta names one Key Player who has been Vital to Arsenal this season – Not Saka



Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is delighted counting on goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale this season.

Arteta says Ramsdale’s character will be key in the title race’s final stretch.

“He has been really, really good,” said Arteta. “And probably against the odds because when you look at his past and where he was coming from, he was relegated twice, so it was difficult to imagine it.

“But we saw he had that character, charisma and personality to play for our club and he had the potential qualities to feed into our way of playing.


“It’s his consistency. He is number one. He’s decisive in key moments, especially in our way of playing, key moments to be able to play the way we want to play, in defence and attack. Also what he transmits to the rest of the team and to the outside world. When you see the development he has had the past two seasons I think he is exceptional.”